Windows activator and repair tool – Activate Windows running or not, change active windows or windows recognition modes, and fix defects remotely and easily. Manoeuvre between languages to repair Windows system characters! So much locked-in stuff! It’s better to use this tool now than forcing yourself to go through it later when you want to “repair your PC” and the PC refuses to activate.

Microsoft Toolkit is an easy-to-use utility to automatically activate Windows KBs by downloading the appropriate file(s) over the Internet. So, whether you’re a computer novice or you have previous experience running software that can have a Windows license activated, having this tool is an absolute joy!

You can’t send a Windows activation request if you don’t know the product key. Your company may want to use this tool to avoid user-account lockouts.

Have you ever wanted to cancel activation but not had an easy way to do so? Then look no further! Microsoft Toolkit is a complete Windows activation utility, not adware or browser hijacker. It fully covers Microsoft’s vast array of activation methods to give you solid security and personalized support for recovering (and re-activating) your software.

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Save time, free up your hard drive space, and protect your computer with this award-winning Windows activation utility. No more inconsistent installs on multiple systems just to make sure your purchase is complete or when you just want to do a quick repair. Solution: Test first!

You don’t need to go hunting for a registry hack or batch uninstaller. This program does it all and does it well: If you do find yourself in this situation, well… there are natural solutions to prevail! Just follow the simple instructions that pop out of the screen and remember, everything is tweakable by an Advanced User.

In addition to activating newer versions of Windows, this tool can also activate the following software, such as Microsoft Office XP, XP Media Center Edition XP Professional SP3 Professional Plus (this product is not installed; it’s just an application that runs on top of a CD with Windows), Tablet PC Edition Product Key & Activation Tool (Tablet PCs) Msoitkiller and Vista Home Premium CD Set.

With these features, have Windows activate now, activate the lock screen and Windows home screen to make your life easier. Microsoft Toolkit comes with tools for Windows, OS & server management and helps turn off detected hardware components and re-enable them.

How to Activate with MS toolkit: Step by Step?

Purchase it to instantly mitigate virus and malware attacks on your PC and customers.

Launch instant as admin to run environment tools/software. Turn off/enable Windows Defender to prevent virus/malware infections. Unblock important emails from your inbox. Manage anti-virus and firewall settings on your PC.

When you’re under pressure, whether it’s the grocery store beating back their tuxedo-clad security guards, or perhaps that angel of accountant deliverables? Temporarily disable the antivirus software on your computer. Get your assistant working for you instead of fighting with you. Recover from the stress of other software giants… All without any direct contact from Microsoft.

The Anti Virus – Temporarily Disable Shortcuts to Windows Startup & Taskbar

Computer viruses spread like a forest fire, and sometimes you may get a virus with all the symptoms. As Microsoft suggests. Control Panel is an essential desktop Windows feature that not even the largest corporations can ignore. It protects your massive computer while spreading Android and other rogue software onto your computer files, disturbing their progress to SQL engine’s (database), internet address (URL) and lauchllers’ (PID).

Disabling the antivirus program temporarily makes your computer more secure, protecting potentially harmful viruses and malware from getting inside. This feature can also be used to set custom security settings and monitor regularly scheduled activities…Disabling the antivirus program permanently makes your computer more secure, protecting potentially harmful viruses and malware from getting inside. This feature can also be used to set custom security settings and monitor regularly scheduled activities. Permanently Disable Programs You Don’t WantAlthough you may need to disable an antivirus program in the future.

We developed a toolkit including useful products that simplify consumer life such as printers and scanners, photovoltaic cells, and toilets. The toolkit is extremely simple to use and allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of their products without complicated instructions or calculations. User friendly, which allows you to enjoy effective uses in everyday life.

The Microsoft Toolkit provides a wide range of productivity-enhancing tools that can tap into Windows’ system resiliency, improve information security threats and help personalize your PC experience.

Microsoft’s free/unlimited feature pack for Windows turns your old computer into an incredibly transformative piece of software. With every successive version, Microsoft works to give you more. It does this by making improvements to everything from the default shell images and features like Calculator, Word for Windows, and more.

Microsoft Toolkit installs the Microsoft Graphics Analysis Utility as well as VBA libraries, CD/DVD burning utilities and one-click codec all in the same executable file.

Start training on Microsoft’s Windows tools without paying money to open a support case with Microsoft. And it’s 100% FREE and works on ALL versions of the Windows operating system.

All of your Windows setup files, registry files, and ActiveX & COM components installed will be automatically transferred over. The new installation is customized to make that task as easy as possible. All you would need to do would be reboot the computer once you access the portal service.

The Microsoft Toolkit will install all programs that come with Windows to your PC in less than 10 seconds. That’s the way all startups do it!: Yes, IT is dead but too late to hide from it! You can now automate millions of routine tasks, one screen at a time. Almost everything can be done now as a developer’s dream, via your PDA or Windows Mobile device.

Microsoft has a huge toolbox with what it calls the “Surface Interface” that helps consumers accomplish PC tasks like controlling the volume of a computer, managing Internet applications like Skype, Office, and Winamp and much more. This technological advancement pushes Microsoft back into our living rooms.

The Microsoft Toolkit will allow you to save time, improve efficiency and productivity, as well as broaden your access to many powerful features that are not available on other Windows operating systems. Making the most out of time is no longer limited by PC operating system compatibility issues alone or even budget for higher-priced developing products.