Windows 8.1 is the first comprehensive Windows ever built from the ground up that supports all your devices, every day. Therefore, this upgrade was designed with your needs as a top priority. Windows 8.1 comes with a new user interface that keeps you comfortable and productive.

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Microsoft is doing it again, making Windows 8.1 the hottest product of 2014. But everyone didn’t want it, so gamers had more fun buying cheap Windows versions and installing Linux directly to their device to provide the best gaming experience for the next 18 months or so. What “Microsoft should do” to get you back into Windows 8?”

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Windows 8.1 is an amazing phone OS and now a Full ISO image including all its previews ready to be installed from USB, DVD-IR and CD which have Windows 98SE, Me and XP in one. Well, it’s the Updated ISO Imagenet directory for Windows XP/Seven/8 SE operating system, but for the Vista series, we can get only 7 newer screenshots.

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